Olivet Nazarene University is staying connected with their alumni via technology and Information Technology is available to help.  Below are news and updates, frequently asked questions (FAQ) and a list of services that we offer to our alums.


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11/04/2015 - Emergency Full IT System Outage - Thursday, November 5, 7:45 pm to 10:15 pm

There will be a full IT system outage on Thursday, November 5, beginning at 7:45 pm and lasting approximately 2.5 hours.  This outage is to perform emergency maintenance addressing recent power issues that have been affecting our data center.  Access to all university systems and the Internet will be unavailable during this time.


09/27/2014 - The Shellshock Vulnerability - Updated 9/30

You may have heard information in the news about the Shellshock vulnerability that was announced last week.  Click the "More" link to learn about updates just released from Apple, find more information about this vulnerability, the impact on Olivet systems, and how it potentially impacts you.


04/30/2014 - Recent Technology Security and Vulnerability Issues - Updated 5/2/14

Several technology vulnerabilities have made the news recently that could potentially affect all university employees and students in some way.  Flaws with the following software can create situations where potential hackers could obtain personal and sensitive information from or perform malicious activity on a computing device:

  • Internet Explorer - Fix available as of 5/1.  Click "More >" for more details.
  • Adobe Flash - Fix available.  Click "More >" for more details
  • OpenSSL (known as the "Heatbleed" flaw)


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Open Can I connect my Olivet EMail account to a smartphone or other email client?

For tablets and other mobile devices:

  1. Most devices should auto-discover the server information for Office 365 (the Microsoft service that hosts our email system).
  2. Go to the account or email settings feature of your device and choose the option to add an account.
  3. The account type should be something like “Exchange ActiveSync” or “Exchange Email.”
  4. Enter your complete Olivet email address as the  username and your email password as the password then press the “Next” or equivalent button to attempt the connection.
  5. If the connection and configuration completes, you are done.
  6. If you device cannot auto-discover the server, you need to do a manual configuration.  On the configuration screen, enter “m.outlook.com” as the email server address along with your email address and password.
  7. If you are still having a problem connecting to the server, you may need to find your exact server name from the Outlook Web App client.  There is a Mobile Phone Setup Wizard available from Microsoft to assist with finding the necessary information.  Select the operating system of the device you are attempting to connect and follow the provided instructions.

For connecting your new email account to the Outlook desktop client or other email application, use the E-Mail Setup Help Wizard from Microsoft to assist with finding the necessary information and follow the provided instructions.

Open When I go to the email.olivet.edu site it automatically shows my Hotmail or other Microsoft provided email account. How do I get this to recognize my Olivet EMail account?

You most likely have another Microsoft email account such as Hotmail or Live.com and have set your browser to remember that account on that computer. To log into your Olivet EMail account you need to clear that saved information by clearing your browser cache and temporary files.  After doing so you should be able to go to email.olivet.edu and login in successfully.  The login page should have a highway scene on the left side of the screen and "Office 365" showing above the login boxes.

We recommend that you do not choose the "remember me" option when using any publicly-accessible computer.

Open Where can I find more information on how to use my Olivet Email?

Visit the Current Students >> Email page of this website for more information about your Olivet Email account.  Information about using, configuring, and personalizing your email account can also be found at http://help.outlook.com.

Open Who is Ellucian?

Ellucian, Inc. is an educational software company based in Fairfax, Virginia.

Open What is Colleague?

Colleague is a software package from Ellucian that includes Student System, Financials (including online requisitions), Human Resources, and Advancement programs.

Open What is the Olivet Portal?

The university portal, My.Olivet.edu, brings all our systems together in an integrated solution.  Some single sign-on functionality is part of the portal and it provides a one-stop shop for information you may need as a student or employee of Olivet Nazarene University.

Open What is Ellucian Mobile Access (MOX)?

Ellucian Mobile Access (MOX) is a fully integrated mobile app for all Ellucian applications.

Open What is Intelligent Learning Platform?

Intelligent Learning Platform is Ellucian’s new teaching and learning system. Ellucian has partnered with Moodle Rooms to give clients a cost-effective, integrated option for a learning management system.

Open What is Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook is an email client that can connect to different email systems.  ONU faculty and staff use Outlook as their primary email client.  Students can use Outlook as an email client to connect to their Olivet Email account or just use the web-based interface (Outlook Web App) found at email.olivet.edu.

Open What is eAdvising?

eAdvising is an Ellucian module for helping administrators, faculty, and students track their curriculum for successful degree completion.

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