Ellucian Colleague

Colleague is a software package from Ellucian that includes the Student System, Financials (including online requisitions), Human Resources, and Advancement programs.

To access Ellucian Colleague, open Internet Explorer and go to http://colleague.olivet.edu. We recommend that you use Internet Explorer because Colleague does not work as well with Mozilla Firefox. You will need to turn off pop-up blockers, at least for this site. Once you get to the site, click "Begin" and log in with your Ellucian credentials.

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Open Who is Ellucian?

Ellucian, Inc. is an educational software company based in Fairfax, Virginia.

Open What is Colleague?

Colleague is a software package from Ellucian that includes Student System, Financials (including online requisitions), Human Resources, and Advancement programs.

Open What is UI?

UI is the User Interface for Colleague.  Everyone who accesses Colleague forms should be using UI by now instead of the old version (the blue and white Ellucian icon).

Open What is the Olivet Portal?

The university portal, My.Olivet.edu, brings all our systems together in an integrated solution.  Some single sign-on functionality is part of the portal and it provides a one-stop shop for information you may need as a student or employee of Olivet Nazarene University.

Open What is Recruiter?

Recruiter is Ellucian’s new CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution. Our Admissions office is is going to be an early adopter of this program and has just started the process of setting it up. This will give us better ways to communicate with our prospective students.

Open What is Ellucian Mobile Access (MOX)?

Ellucian Mobile Access (MOX) is a fully integrated mobile app for all Ellucian applications.

Open What is Intelligent Learning Platform?

Intelligent Learning Platform is Ellucian’s new teaching and learning system. Ellucian has partnered with Moodle Rooms to give clients a cost-effective, integrated option for a learning management system.

Open What is Business Objects?

Business Objects is a reporting solution for getting information out of Colleague. Olivet has used query builder for reporting in the past.

Open What is VPN?

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is needed to gain access to certain Olivet systems from off-campus.

Open What is Retention Alert?

Retention Alert is an Ellucian module for tracking students with issues that might affect retention.

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05/09/2013 - Colleague UI Update

An upgrade to Colleague UI is planned for release Monday, May 13.  At approximately 10:00 to 10:30 a.m., the link within My Olivet for "Ellucian Colleague UI 4.3" will be changed to say "Colleague UI 4.4" and will point to the upgraded application.  No down time is expected with this switch.


05/23/2012 - Ellucian Colleague SQL Migration Postponed

The SQL migration of Colleague originally scheduled for Memorial Day weekend has been postponed.  The new anticipated migration date is Fall Break in October (October 5-8).  The postponment is due to delays in getting a test account set up and unexpected issues found with our custom programs.


03/29/2011 - There's still time!

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