Olivet has two wireless networks.

  • ONU – For everyone with an Olivet username/password
  • ONUGuest – For guests who do not have an Olivet username/password

Connection Guides for Wireless Network ONU

Please select the appropriate connection guide below based on the type of device you are connecting to the network.

Microsoft Windows devices will not connect to the wireless network "ONU” by just clicking on the network name.  Microsoft Windows devices require a special manual setup to connect. Please use the appropriate guide below. 

ONUGuest is for guests who do not have an Olivet username and password

Guests of Olivet may obtain wireless access through the “ONUGuest” network.  Once connected to the network, open a web browser and complete the fields on the self-registration form.  This provides guest wireless access for a 24-hour period.  If on campus longer than 24 hours, another self-registration can be completed once each 24-hour session has expired.

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Open Does Olivet offer wireless network access?

Yes. Olivet offers free wireless network access to current students, faculty, and staff. We also offer complimentary temporary guest access.

Open Does Olivet offer a guest wireless network?

Yes. We offer complimentary WiFi to all guests.  For guest WiFi access, connect the device to ONUGuest and follow the prompts.  The self-generated account will expire after 24 hours. This network has restricted network access, and some common programs may not work on this network (Outlook, etc).

Note: You are responsible for the conduct of your guest and are required to inform them of any and all ONUnet policies.

Open Several networks are available on my computer. Which network should I connect to?

Everyone with an Olivet username/password should connect to Olivet’s “ONU” network. Guests without an Olivet username/password should connect to ONUGuest.

Open What are the other networks Olivet has?

At any given point in time, Olivet has at least 2 active wireless networks:

  • ONU - A secure network with 802.1x encryption for Students and Employees.
  • ONUGuest - An unsecured network with restricted port access for guests.

Olivet may create other networks at other points in time in order to meet the needs of the large events hosted by Olivet. If your department has a large event hosting many off-campus guests, please call the Help Desk for more information about what solutions we may have to meet your needs.

Open What devices can I connect to the wireless network?

Any device that has a fully functional web browser is able to connect to the Olivet network. Devices such as gaming systems and wireless printers are not supported and typically do not work.

Open Can I bring my own wireless access point?

No. Any device that can distribute or disrupt Olivet’s network is prohibited. This mean that any wireless sharing features on a laptop must be disabled. Other devices that act as a wireless access point (i.e. – Apple’s Time Capsule) are also prohibited. Any wireless device that seeks to bypass Olivet’s filters, firewall, etc… is also prohibited.

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03/15/2012 - Campus wireless interference issues resolved

Further tuning of Olivet's wireless network, along with gains from the wireless network upgrade project, has eliminated most of the interference issues we have been experiencing over the past few months.


02/15/2012 - Wireless Network Upgrade - Schedule Update

Beginning October 31, 2011, we are upgrading the wireless network used at Olivet.  This project involves the replacement, relocation, and addition (where necessary) of wireless access points and other equipment across the entire campus in Bourbonnais as well as the SGCS locations in Bourbonnais and Chicago.  Click the story headline to see the updated schedule.


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