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Campus Cable TV

TV Programming is available for residential students through Xfinity.

For Cable TV in your Dorm / Apartment connect your TV to the coax connection.

In order to view the complete ONU cable television lineup, a television must come with a clear QAM tuner installed. If this is not the case, a converter set top box is required. The model we are currently recommending is the iView 3500STBII, which can be purchased for around $45.

We do not recommend purchasing a used model. A firmware upgrade is required and can be performed at no cost by bringing the converter box to the IT Help Desk. The process takes about 45 minutes.

Televisions manufactured prior to about 2009 generally require a converter box, as well as all Element brand televisions.


Channel Line Up – Co-axial 

Channel 7 is a TV Guide. Please understand that digital signage channels are not available at Olde oak and Stratford.


Xfinity also offers an IPTV Solution for on and off campus.

This service allows students to watch TV from anywhere they receive an internet connection on mobile devices, tablets, and laptops.

To access this service:

Xfinity IP



Students are able to upgrade their cable package. There are multiple packages available for a no contract monthly cost. (More information is available at



20 hours of DVR is available to students. This content is available to view both on and off campus.



Support can be accessed 24/7 by going to Here you can search for help related to the issues you are experiencing and also type in any error code and see what others have done to fix specific issues.

If you are not able to solve your issue using the Xfinity self-help steps you can contact it IT HelpDesk.

This is best for issues related to:

  • Username/password issues/errors on log-in screen
  • Local network outages
  • Changes to IP Range
  • If you are a residential student and receive an error indicating you do not have access.


Contact Xfinity directly for issues related to:

  • Missing Channels
  • Premium Content Issues
  • Comcast produced error messages
  • Stream / Buffering Issues
  • DVR Issues
  • Billing Support


Troubleshooting / Frequently Asked Questions:


CATV - The images on all channels are fuzzy or the picture screen is snowy but visible, and there is a hissing sound.

Possible problems:

  • Your TV or VCR may be set on the wrong channel.
  • The CATV mode on your TV may be set incorrectly.
  • The cable/TV switch may be set incorrectly (for channels 14 and above)
  • There may be a loose cable connection.


  • If you are using a VCR, tune the TV to channel 3 or 4 (refer to your VCR manual.
  • Make sure your TV is set to CATV.
  • Check and hand-tighten the cable fittings to the TV and VCR.
  • Bypass the VCR. Connect the cable directly to the TV.


CATV - I no longer receive the full channel lineup in Olde Oak, Oak Run, or Stratford

Possible Problems:

  • TV was purchased prior to 2009 or is not compatible with digital TV
  • TV is on the wrong input
  • Settings may be set to "Set Top Box"
  • Air/Cable settings may be set to "Air" instead of "Cable"


  • Try reconnecting the TV and rescanning to make sure everything is connected properly
  • Need to purchase a digital converter or set top box
  • Need to upgrade to a digital-capable TV


CATV - There is no picture or sound on my TV

Possible problems:

  • Your TV may be broken
  • The coaxial cable may be broken or damaged


  • Make sure the TV and VCR are plugged in and the electrical switch is on.
  • Try another coaxial cable to ensure the problem is not due to a bad cable.


CATV - Some of the channels on my TV above 13 don’t come in or the picture is unclear.

Possible problem:

  • Your TV may not be set to CATV.


  • Make sure to auto program or manually set cable channels.
  • Make sure your TV is set to CATV.
  • If you are using a VCR, tune the TV to channel 3 or 4 (refer to your VCR manual).


CATV - My TV doesn’t receive channels 2 through 13 very well and the picture is unclear.

Possible problem:

  • A fitting may have come loose or be damaged.


  • Hand-tighten all fittings or bypass the VCR.
  • If you are using a VCR, tune the VCR to channel 3 or 4 (refer to your VCR manual_.
  • Adjust the fine-tuning control until the picture is clear.