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OneDrive for Business

All ONU users have access to a Microsoft OneDrive for Business account as part of their Office365 license.  This service provides users with 1 TB (terrabyte) of online/cloud storage which can be accessed from a desktop application, or through any internet browser by going to and selecting OneDrive using the waffle in the upper left-hand corner.  Not only does this allow users to access their documents from anywhere, but they can be opened and edited using the Office Online apps, and can even be shared with other users.  For specific information about various OneDrive features and functions please review the resources listed below.

OneDrive basics

Set up your Android phone or tablet

Set up your iPhone or iPad

Upload files and folders

Create files and folders

Delete and restore deleted files

Share files and folders with Office 365

Sync OneDrive files and folders

Sync files with OneDrive Files on Demand