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New Olivet Wireless Network - ONU

As a reminder, we are launching a new wireless network for all Olivet users named "ONU" to replace the previous Student/Employee wireless network named "Solomon."

Solomon will be decommissioned this Friday, July 22.

We request that any users who have devices connected to any Olivet wireless networks please do the following for each device.  This should be done the next time you are on an Olivet campus.

  • Forget the wireless network(s) named Solomon and ONUGuest.
  • Join the new wireless network named "ONU" using your Olivet username/password.


  • Microsoft Windows devices will not connect to the wireless network "ONU” by just clicking on the network name.  Microsoft Windows requires a special manual setup to connect. 
  • For connection help, please use guides found at:
  • If you can't remember your password, you may change it yourself at or contact the IT Help Desk for assistance.


Friday, July 22

The wireless network Solomon will be removed leaving two wireless networks:

  • ONU – For everyone with an Olivet username/password

ONUGuest – For guests who do not have an Olivet username/password