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New Olivet Wireless Network - ONU

As previously announced, Olivet now has a new wireless network named “ONU.”  The wireless network named “Solomon” has now been decommissioned.

Olivet now has two wireless networks:

  • ONU – For everyone with an Olivet username/password
  • ONUGuest – For guests who do not have an Olivet username/password

We request that any users connecting to Olivet wireless please do the following for each device. 

  • Forget ONUGuest and any other previously used Olivet wireless network(s).
  • Join the new wireless network named "ONU" using your Olivet username/password.

Important Notes:

  • Microsoft Windows devices will not connect to the wireless network "ONU” by just clicking on the network name.  Microsoft Windows devices require a special manual setup to connect. 
  • For connection help, please use guides found at:

If you can't remember your password, you may change it yourself at or contact the IT Help Desk for assistance.