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Microsoft Windows Update improvements on Campus Computers

We have recently made improvements to our Microsoft Windows update deployment system which will give you more flexibility and improve update effectiveness.

What am I required to do?

Nothing. Your computer will automatically download and install required updates, provide a generous restart warning, and restart.

What should I do?

As a best practice, save your work often, and restart your computer when you are finished using it every day.

If you are concerned about the timing of Windows Update installations, you may install updates manually before they are due:

  • Check for available updates each week: Start Button -> Search for and open Software Center
  • Select Updates tab on the left hand side.
  • If you see available updates: Select -> Install All on the upper right hand side – Allow plenty of time for installation.


There is a known Microsoft bug. Computers may continue to display a blue screen and a message like “Preparing to install updates” or “Installing updates” after the installation has completed. If this screen persists longer than 2 hours or you feel it should have already completed the process, at any time, you may press Ctrl+Alt+Delete. If you are presented with a login screen, your computer is finished and ready for use. If you do not get the login screen, let it continue to update.

How does the process work?

  • Microsoft releases new Windows updates. (Usually the 2nd Tuesday of each month)
  • The IT Department performs initial testing of the new updates.
  • Updates are tested and approved by IT and then automatically distributed to campus computers. (Usually one-week after they are released – 3rd Tuesday of the month)
  • Users may install updates at their convenience, once available, using the steps provided above. (Users have up to 7 days to do this before the due date)
  • Once the update due date is reached, the computer will install the updates and prompt for reboot. (Usually around the 4th Tuesday of the month)
  • After reboot, computers will finish installing updates. Note: You may need to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to display the login screen – See “Important” section above.
  • Some computer update installations may vary from this schedule.  However, as computers become compliant, they will fit this schedule more closely.

Please contact us if you have any questions about this ongoing process. Thank you for your cooperation as we work to keep our computers safe and secure.