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The ADFS upgrade is now complete.  For users that are connected to the Olivet network, you should be able to access now using the new ADFS authentication method.  For off-campus users, the new system information will need to make its way through the internet and should resolve sometime today.  Until then, off-campus users will continue to see the temporary page with links to the various Olivet systems and services.

At the moment, My.Olivet is in read-only mode which means you can access anything but cannot add or update anything.  We will be putting it in full-access mode later today.

Remember that the new login page is completely different and you will need to log in with your entire Olivet email address (ex.

Other things you need to know:

  • Colleague users will need to enter their Colleague credentials again one time.  When you click on “Colleague UI,” you will be prompted to “Please enter your credentials.”  Enter your username (do not include “”) and password (twice). 
  • “My Week,” “My To Do,” and “Unread Messages” web parts are currently being updated and will soon reflect Outlook email messages, calendar events, and tasks.

We appreciate your patience.  If you have any questions or problems, please contact the IT Help Desk.