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Google Docs Phishing Email

Good morning,

You may have received or heard about a Google Docs phishing email sent to many people. Google has made the following statement:

We've addressed an issue with a phishing email claiming to be Google Docs. If you think you were affected, visit and perform a security checkup.

Google Support information: Avoid and report Phishing emails

If you ever believe any of your accounts and/or device(s) have been compromised, change your passwords for all accounts immediately. To change your Olivet password go to or for more information.

General security guidelines:

  • If someone asks you for information, question why they are asking and if you really know who is asking.
  • Never provide secure information to inquiries that come to you. Always go to an organization's official site or address.
  • Never give passwords to anyone. No organization should ever ask you for your password.
  • Use strong passwords.
  • Use a separate password for each account (both personal and work) you use.
  • If you suspect you may have been compromised, change your passwords by going to the source organizations.

Thank you for your diligence.