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Recent Security Attacks

There has recently been an increase in high profile IT security events including several email based phishing attacks affecting Olivet users. Below is some information about a recent global attack and additional articles and resources to help keep you safe.

We take IT security very seriously at Olivet and encourage you to take time to review the information below.

Security recommendations:

  • General
    • If someone asks you for information, question why they are asking and if you really know who is asking.
    • Never provide information to inquiries that come to you. Always go to an organization's official site or address.
    • Always pause and evaluate before providing information.
  • Passwords
    • Never give passwords to anyone. No organization should ever ask you for your password.
    • Use a separate password for each account you use (both personal and work).
    • Use two-factor authentication when available.
    • Use strong passwords.
  • Devices
    • Keep your device (computer, phone,… ) software/operating system up-to-date.
    • Secure devices to prevent access if lost or in case of unauthorized access attempts.
    • Make sure you are securely backing-up important data stored on your device.

If you suspect any of your accounts or devices may have been compromised, change your password(s) immediately by going to the source organization(s).

You may change your ONU password by visiting

Recent Ransomware attack:

A form of ransomware that researchers have called "WannaCry" has been hijacking user data globally. This attack can be spread in a number of ways, often starting with a malware infected email message containing an infected file or a link to a malicious website. Once it is within a network, it continues to spread using security flaws in operating systems or other applications commonly installed on devices.

A patch for this security vulnerability was released by Microsoft in March. Olivet has been successfully patching our university managed computers with our Windows update system since the patch was released. Please make sure to always update any personal devices you own to prevent falling victim to this attack.

Security Articles:

Cyberattack wave ebbs, but experts see risk of more

Hundreds of millions of passwords just surfaced online. Here’s how to keep your identity safe.

Security Resources:

FBI security recommendations:

Department of Homeland Security

United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team

Thank you for your diligence,