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Kaltura Video processing delays - UPDATE

Our lecture capture provider Kaltura is reporting significant video processing delays for a portion of their customers.

Some videos recorded may not yet appear in Canvas Media Gallery or My Media.

Kaltura will be posting updates on the progress of their work at the following site:

Latest Kaltura update:

Maintenance update

Current Status of Open Issues:

New – Playback - We have identified an issue affecting Playback on entries that were upload/transcoded on September 3rd. Symptoms include buffering, spinning wheel or dark screen. The root cause has been identified and we are working to resolve as the top priority. If you are still seeing issues with or have concerns about entries created on September 3rd, please contact Customer Care.

Update - Transcoding and Upload Delays – work continues to reduce the backlog and we have seen significant improvement in the overall queue. We still face a higher than normal volume of jobs, however we expect the queue to clear over the weekend. We are closely monitoring this situation.

Update - Webcast File Upload – fix has been completed and is still in QA. An ETA will be provided based on QA results. In the interim, if you need to run a Webcast and require slides during the weekend, please contact Customer Care for alternate options.

Update - Doc Conversion – work is in progress and an update on the ETA will be provided on Tuesday.

Update - Upload Errors & VOD Playback Errors and Thumbnail Images – due to ongoing optimizations on the platform, occasional errors may occur. We are planning to address these items with resolution by end of the weekend.

Update - Captioning performance – we are still working with the vendor to find the root cause for the delays. We are actively mitigating the delays as best as possible. Delays are currently contained to less than 10 hours. We expect the queue to reduce over the weekend.

What to expect next – we will update the status page by 10 PM UTC on Friday, September 4th.

Time posted

Sep 4, 13:56 UTC