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ONU Wireless

Olivet has two wireless networks.

  • ONU – For anyone with an Olivet username/password
  • ONUGuest – For guests only who do not have an Olivet username/password

Go to Entertainment Device Registration to setup (Xbox, PS4, Internet TV, Roku, Apple TV...)

Older Windows devices (Windows 7, 8 and earlier versions of 10) will not connect to "ONU” by just clicking on the network name.  These devices require a special manual setup. Please use the appropriate guide below to connect.

Non-Windows mobile devices have different requirements for connecting to the "ONU wireless network. Please use the appropriate guide below to connect your mobile devices. 

ONUGuest is for guests who do not have an Olivet username and password.

Guests of Olivet may obtain wireless access through the “ONUGuest” network.  Once connected to the network, open a web browser and complete the fields on the self-registration form.  This provides guest wireless access for a 24-hour period.  If on campus longer than 24 hours, another self-registration can be completed once each 24-hour session has expired.

If you are unable to connect your devices, choose one of the options below.