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What is Olivet Email?

All faculty, staff, and students are provided an email account from Olivet.  The email address is "<username>" and is considered the primary email address for all university faculty, staff, and students.  Any email-based communication sent from the university is sent to the Olivet email address.  The password for Olivet email is the same as your ONUnet password.


Accessing Olivet Microsoft Office 365 Email

Setting up Olivet Microsoft Office 365 Email on Your Mobile Device

Configuring shared inboxes

If you have been given access to an shared inbox, please follow these helpful videos on how to configure it.


Backing up your Email Signatures

If you use the Outlook Application on your desktop and have a signature stored on the hard drive, you will need to back the signature up so it can be re-added to your new computer.  

  • To do this, we recommend that you create a Word Document that contains all of your email signatures.
  • Back up this Word document with OneDrive, so it can be accessed on any other computer.

On another computer, you could simply copy and paste the signature(s) into Outlook.

  • The Signatures menu can be accessed by going to the "New Email" screen, in the "Insert menu", under "Signatures...".
  • Name each signature and select if you want the signature to show up on new emails and/or replies.
  • Save each signature prior to closing the Signatures  menu.