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Parent Proxy

Proxy: A person authorized to act on the behalf of another

A student can designate an individual as his/her proxy to have access to designated pages in Self- Service. Currently, students can grant proxy access to the following pages. You can designate complete access or just to certain pages. Additional areas of access may be added in the future.

Student Finance
       • Account Activity/View Statement
       • Make a Payment
       • Account Summary

       • Notifications

Tax Information

Financial Aid
       • Offer Letter
       • Financial Aid Home
       • Correspondence Option
       • My Awards
       • FA Required Documents
       • Satisfactory Academic Progress
       • College Financing Plan

       • Grades

This proxy designation does not take the place of the protections afforded to the student under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Release of a student’s non-directory educational records, including to parents and designated proxies, is limited to what the student authorizes through the proxy process or other explicit written consent.

Instructions for the Student to Grant Proxy

Instructions for the Proxy


To reset a parent proxy password, please contact the IT Help Desk.