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Campus Printing

Campus Printing

Olivet has a university-wide print solution on campus that enables students, faculty, and staff to send jobs from any campus workstation. Printing costs are charged to students’ Tiger Dollar Account while faculty and staff charges the department fund for print jobs. Costs of each printer ranges from 4 cents per page for black/white and 10 cents per page for color (cost will be listed on the printer). This cost is to cover printer supplies and general printer maintenance.

There are two print servers on campus – Ginger and Lynx.

Ginger is the queue that incorporates the large Xerox machines located on campus that have the tap ID functionality to them. These printers are mostly located in public areas where multiple people have the ability to use it with their campus ID or Mobile Credential. This allows you to be able to print from any campus computer or utilizing Webprint to submit the job to the Follow_Me on Ginger print queue and be able to release the job on any one of the Xerox machines. This queue is automatically mapped on campus workstations and associated with the user account that is signed into the computer. Jobs are charged on when you release the job on the printer.

Lynx is the other print queue that incorporate the small-scale printers that are located in small and private office spaces . These printers are primarily used by an individual or small group of people. Printer installation is on a per-computer basis for this reason and charged based on the signed in user account. Please contact the IT Help Desk if you need assistance with installing this.

Printer stations for public use on main campus include the following

  • Benner Library
    • Main Floor - LIBR_DesMoines* and LIBR_Yokohama
    • Fishbowl - LIBR_Montreal*
    • Lower Level (013) - LIBR_NewYork*
    • Second Floor - LIBR_Seoul*
  • Communications Department Room 203 - COMM_Anchorage*
  • Sims Center (Art Office) - ART_Madrid*
  • Reed Hall of Science
    • 224 - RS_Prague*
    • 242 - ENGN_Munich
  • Weber Center Lower Level Lounge - WC_Philadelphia*
  • Wisner Hall of Nursing - NURS_Newark

* Designates color printing compatibility.

When printing in color, you need to change the Printer Settings Preferences every time. To do this, please follow this video on - Changing Printer Settings.

Contact the administrative assistant or lab supervisor with problems occurring during printing. For additional questions or problems with printers or copiers contact Information Technology Help Desk at 815-939-5302.