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Telephone tips

Use your Mitel phone status/state

This allows colleagues to make informed decisions about how to best handle an issue by seeing if you are available before calling you.

  • You may use the "State" softkey on the phone to change status.
  • You may use the Mitel Connect app on your computer - Video - How to change your state, change settings for each state including different voicemail messages for each state.

Avoid blind call transfers

This helps customers feel better continuity of service and improves perception of customer service.

  • Press the Transfer function key during an active call. The original call is placed on hold, a new line opens on the phone's screen, and a dial tone can be heard.
  • Dial the extension -or- outbound dial digit (usually 9) plus 1 and the 10-digit phone number for which you want to transfer the call. You then have the following options:
  • Warm (Announced) Transfer - Wait until the other party answers, explain the reason for the transfer, and press the Yes soft key to complete the transfer.
  • Cold (blind) Transfer - Press the Transfer soft key or hang up.
  • Cancel Transfer - Press the Cancel soft key or press the line button to take the original call off hold.
  • Transferring a call using the Mitel Connect client

Use the Mitel Connect app

This computer application provides a more productive interface for managing calls and phone information.

Install the Mitel Connect App

  • Download the Mitel Connect Installer
  • Follow the installation guide
  • Mitel Connect App training Videos - Learn the many features of the Mitel Connect App including connecting the app to Outlook so your phone state matches your calendar.

Other Phone Resources

Forwarding Calls to Off Campus Numbers

Voice Mail

  • To check your office voicemail remotely - Dial 815-939-6996 and enter your phone extension and PIN when prompted.
  • Troubleshooting Voicemail Issues when setting up external forwarding.