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Common Wireless Connection Issues

ONU's network is different in several ways from what you are used to at home. The type of network on Olivet’s campus is known as an Enterprise Network.  There are differences in the way the network operates and in the way data is transmitted and secured on an Enterprise Network versus a Home Network. Some devices and software have issues with the higher-grade security, authentication requirements or addressing layout of an Enterprise Network that make it difficult or impossible to connect. Also, some newer devices and companies (including Apple) do not prioritize development for Enterprise Network so updates may not be available.  


The following are examples of problematic situations that are different from what you may have experienced on a Home Network.  In many of these cases, the device may work intermittently, or not work at all. 

  • Peer to Peer Multiplayer Gaming – NAT requirements   
    • If you do not log into a 3rd party site, your multiplayer game will likely not work.   
    • This is an issue for all platforms 
  • Non-Medical Network Connected Devices* - Security Type Incompatibility 
  • Devices that do not prompt for username/password 
  • Devices that cannot select or enter the network 
  • Wi-Fi lightbulbs/color changing lamps 
  • Wi-Fi picture frames 
  • Wi-Fi meat thermometers 

* All Networked Medical Devices should be coordinated with the Helpdesk/IT Networking